Membership Committee

Somebody’s got to do the dirty work! We need to maintain the momentum we’ve already got in signing up new members. Good with the phone and telling a story? We need you. No shy people!

  1. Assigned goal of raising funds to support the programs of the CCFC
  2. Create methods for identifying and contacting potential members
  3. Identify different levels of support i.e. general members in the range of $25 to $100, middle level members in the $100-$1,000 range and well-­over $1,000.
  4. Create programs to differentiate these three ranges and a different level of contact/support commensurate with the value of the contribution.
  5. Create a short list of members that can be “tapped” to support specific high cost spending requirements of the CCFC i.e. attorney, forensic accountant etc. Consider this special fund raising
  6. Funnel membership information and contribution information to the Treasurer
  7. Raise visibility of the CCFC through innovative fund raising techniques i.e. bake sales, auctions etc.

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Budget Committee

Have an accounting or other investigative background?  We need your help in identifying waste, inefficiencies and other expenditures that don’t seem right. Must have good written and verbal skills to communicate what you find. Make a difference by joining this important committee!

  1. To dissect the county budget at the budget and cash disbursement level to identify possible sources of waste, fraud, corruption. To document such findings and to provide this information to the Executive Committee of the CCFC
  2. Compare and contrast the spending of the county as compared to other counties of similar size concerning salaries, benefits, retirement, perks and outside contracting
  3. Tasking and oversight role of forensic accountant
  4. Collection of materials from public and private sources that supports the analysis of the county spending policies and actual results
  5. Identify individuals and companies that benefit from an association with the county and that may have an actual or ethical conflict of interest
  6. Analyze county hiring and retention policies (personnel policies)
  7. Analyze the contracting procedures and spending of the county attorney as compared to other counties

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