CCFC Annual

on Wednesday, 20 September 2023.

Buckle you chin straps and seat belts, we are in for wild ride. It's tax time, and this ride is only going up! Look at your Trim Notice! Not just the assessment, but the money you will be expected to pay. Homestead property may only see a 3% increase, but absentee owners will see a 10% increase. There is not limit on your "Taxable Value" it will continue to escalate.

We are the Concerned Citizens of Franklin County. Our group is the watchdog to ensure that our Franklin County governments are more open and efficient.

CCFC Leadership has hit the ground running. We have met one on on with three commissioners, with positive results. Out approach will be to stay behind the scenes and feed the politicians information, so they can ask questions and challenge officials before them. Our group has brought on a CPA to out Board. This allows us to review budgets and see where there are deficiencies. Allen Feifer has remained on the board to offer is valuable advice.

Exactly what does the CCFC do?

*Throughout the year the CCFC will monitor all meetings of the County Commission. As we get interested members, we also plan to attend School Board and Weems Hospital Board meetings.

*We engage professionals to help in our efforts towards open, honest, representative governments.

CCFC maintains and operated and independant website (

We will continue to ask that some meetings be help in the evenings and moved around the County so more people can attend.

We encourage the Commissioners to relax the rule of the "Speaker Card" and encourage more public comments.

We reach out through email and the Apalachicola Times and Oyster Radio frequently when taxpayers voices need to be heard.

Not it's YOUR turn! Annually, we reach out to the community for help in meeting the financial challenges to continue our work.

Please support the CCFC with your membership dues to help ensure our continued success. Please invest $50, $100, or more in our Watchdog Association to allow our work to continue. Only through your help and support will we continue to ensure good government in Franklin County.

Make your check Payable to the CCFC and mail it to P.O. Box 990, Eastpoint, FL. 32328 (Dues are not tax deductible)