CCFC-Got Your Tax Bill??

on Friday, 17 November 2023.


First, let me thank you all for the outpouring of support and contributions. Our unity is vital knowing that nothing will change in Franklin County until and unless the citizens demand it. It has been a busy summer and fall for the Concerned Citizens of Franklin County (CCFC). We started out on two fronts - the Budget and Weems Hospital.

THE BUDGET: You have just received your 2023 tax bill. Residents are experiencing the largest single tax increase ever. Despite meeting with county Staff, Sheriff, and Commissioners, the special interests were too great. Other than the Sheriff’s needs, the salary increases of County employees took center stage. Evergreen, an employee compensation consultant hired a couple of years ago by the County Commissioners, recommended a pay plan with incremental increases over a 5-year period. However, at the Budget Workshop, the commissioners decided to combine Years 3 and 4 to accelerate the pay increases. As a result, non-homestead properties will see a 15% increase and Homestead properties will see the maximum 3% increase. This will not end and will only grow moving forward.

I will say the CCFC is very pleased with the three most recently elected commissioners. They are receptive to our concerns and willing to meet one-on-one. These leaders do their homework so they can challenge issues and only want what’s best for Franklin County.

WEEMS HOSPITAL: The CCFC recommended to the BOCC a new Weems Advisory Board member who brings years of healthcare industry experience to that position. In addition, the CCFC has a CPA on its board who keeps a watchful eye on Weems financials. The CCFC has brought to the attention of the commissioners questionable irregularities our CPA found in them. Did you see the recent article in Apalachicola Times in the October 29th issue by Guest Columnist Michael Rindler? It’s not to be missed. Here is the link to his excellent and informed observations about our local hospital’s future:

Mr. Rindler’s vision about Weems is exactly what the CCFC has been sharing with commissioners. For the best and most successful healthcare in Franklin County, a state-of-theart Emergency Room should be built near the population center of the county, for example on Highway 65. The majority of commissioners support the reality that politics must be taken out of our local healthcare.

The CCFC will remain vigilant to hold our elected officials accountable for a Better Franklin County. If you haven’t already, we hope you will join our efforts with your financial support. Although your membership contribution is not tax deductible, we ask for your contributions to help with the professional outsourcing we do as needed. To learn more about the CCFC and to join to support and contribute to our Mission, please visit our website at

Thank you and best wishes for a great new year here in beautiful Franklin County.

Mason Bean, President
Concerned Citizens of Franklin County, Inc.
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Eastpoint Florida 32328
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The Concerned Citizens of Franklin County serves as an advocacy group watching over our Franklin County governments to ensure that they are more open, affordable, efficient and responsive to its citizenry. The CCFC intends to hold public officials accountable for their actions in the administration of their duties and in meeting their fiduciary responsibilities to the taxpayers.